Nepal government warns king to quit palace

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Nepal government warns king to quit palace

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‘Go or be forced out’ was the unambiguous message to Nepal’s king from the government should he refuse to leave the Royal Palace. King Gyanendra is required to move out as part of an agreement to abolish the monarchy that will come into effect in parliament today.

It is central to a peace deal signed in 2006 with Maoist former rebels that ended a decade-long civil war. The government took control of the palace after Gyanendra was forced to end his absolute rule following weeks of street protests in 2006. The man set to lead the country on the road to democracy is Maoist chief Prachanda. His party is expected to form the backbone of the new government. The process will complete their transition from rebel group to mainstream political party.

The US has indicated it will take them off its terrorist list. Security has been stepped up around the Palace ahead of the vote and the government has banned the King’s remaining supporters from demonstrating.