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The show will go on, vows Clinton

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The show will go on, vows Clinton


Hillary Clinton is showing no signs of giving up her battle to carry the Democrat colours into the US presidential election in November. After winning the Kentucky primary by a 2-1 margin, she told supporters she was still very much in the race.

“Some have said your votes didn’t matter, that this campaign was over, that allowing everyone to vote and every vote to count would somehow be a mistake. But that didn’t stop you. You’ve never given up on me because you know I’ll never give up on you,” she said.

“Because this race is so close, still separated by less than 200 delegates out of more than 4,400, neither Senator Obama nor I will have reached that magic number when the voting ends on June 3rd, and so our party will have a tough choice to make: who is ready to lead our party at the top of our ticket?”

A hint perhaps that a Clinton-Obama or Obama-Clinton partnership might not be completely out of the question.

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