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Berlusconi cabinet convenes amid rubbish in Naples

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Berlusconi cabinet convenes amid rubbish in Naples


The weekend rubbish riots in Naples have subsided but the core problem remains. There has been a concerted effort to clean-up the city’s historic centre in the past couple of days. Some of the rubbish is even being sent to Germany. But there is plenty more. The public is furious at the government’s perceived inactivity, but the rubbish dumps and incinerator plants are full.

The new government says it does not have a magic wand, however Silvio Berlusconi will hold his first cabinet meeting in the city later today, and could order the army in, and announce the immediate building of more rubbish dumps.

The other major issue which will dominate that cabinet meeting is Italy’s anti-immigrant drive, especially against the Roma people.

“Many EU countries have laws against illegal immigration,” stressed Italy’s Interior Minister Roberto Maroni. “We are going to introduce similar legislation in Italy, to dissuade people from entering the country secretly, and to make it easier to expel those that do.”

Illegal immigrants, and those who help them, could be sent to jail. Those opposed to this hardline stance will greet Berlusconi’s arrival with protests.
The EU has told Italy it does not have the right to discriminate against Romanian nationals.

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