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Cyclone survivors say junta offered no help

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Cyclone survivors say junta offered no help


Left with virtually nothing when Cyclone Nargis obliterated their homes nearly two weeks ago, villagers near Myanmar’s main city, Yangon, have cobbled together a temporary camp.
They say they received no help from the authorities: “Some people here have been injured but they did not get any medical treatment. But now the authorities are telling us to leave and go back to our village. We have nowhere to live.”

Another woman added: “They say we have to go home. We don’t have homes any more. Do they have a plan? They don’t, but they are still forcing us to leave.”

The UN says around 2.5 million people in Myanmar are in urgent need of aid. It is now the turn of the EU’s top aid official to try to persuade the military junta to accept outside help, a day after the Thai prime minister was told Myanmar could cope by itself.

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