British police say Bhutto was killed by bomb not bullets

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British police say Bhutto was killed by bomb not bullets

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British police investigating the assassination of Pakistan’s opposition leader Benazir Bhutto say she was killed by a bomb blast, not from being shot.

Scotland Yard was called in to review the inquiry into her death, which sparked violent clashes across Pakistan.

They say a gunman fired three times, missing his target each time, before blowing himself up. The blast threw Bhutto against the roof of her car, causing fatal head injuries.

Police also say the attacker acted alone, despite two people being arrested.

It is not clear how the British officers reached their conclusions. Bhutto was buried without an autopsy, and the crime scene was cleaned immediately after the attack.

If confirmed, Scotland Yard’s findings would support the Pakistani government’s own view.

The report comes as Pakistan ends 40 days of mourning for Bhutto, and ten days before parliamentary elections which were delayed by her death.

Bhutto’s supporters continue to blame President Musharraf for her death, something he vehemently denies.