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Romanians protest secret police ruling

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Romanians protest secret police ruling


Hundreds of people have gathered in the centre of the Romanian capital Bucharest to denounce what they say is a return to the Communist era. They are angry that the agency charged with scrutinising the files of the former Secret Police has been ruled unconstitutional.

Campaigners and residents alike gathered to demand that the Council for the Study of the Securitate Archives be reinstated and its work continued: “We came here to express our feelings because we think this decision of the court sends us back twenty years.” said one protester.

“Of course I want the agency to continue its work, of course I do. hey want to cover their tracks and the agency should keep on unmasking them.” said another.

The agency has unmasked a number of public figures as former Securitate informers. Its critics allege it was an instrument of retribution and blackmail.

The court ruling issued last week effectively forces the agency to shut down and renders its previous decisions null. The Romanian parliament has 45 days to decide whether to amend the law.

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