Glimmer of hope as talks resume in Kenya

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Glimmer of hope as talks resume in Kenya

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Violence continues to rage in Kenya as talks get underway between rival leaders. On Tuesday, the army sent two helicopters to the town of Naivasha in the volatile Rift Valley where it fired rubber bullets at a crowd.

The violence pits mainly members of the Kiyuku tribe who support President Mwai Kibaki against their rivals, the Luo tribe, who back opposition leader Raila Odinga.

In other violence, an opposition politician was shot dead outside his home in the capital Nairobi, in what appeared to be the first political execution in Kenya since the violence broke out after December’s disputed election.

Paying tribute to the victim, opposition leader Raila Odinga called his killing an assassination.

Critics accuse the government of ordering the shooting: “They are trying to look for MPs of the opposition and they want to kill them all,” said one man.

It is estimated at least 900 people have died in the violence so far and several hundreds of thousands have been displaced.

What used to be seen as one of Africa’s most stable countries and a prime tourist destination is now being shunned by visitors.

In a meagre sign of hope, former UN chief Kofi Annan, who has been overseeing talks between Kibaki and Odinga, said he expected Kenya’s “immediate political issues to be resolved within four weeks”.