12 year old boy killed as Israel hits Gaza

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12 year old boy killed as Israel hits Gaza

 12 year old  boy killed as Israel hits Gaza
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Three members of the same family have become the latest victims of Israeli attacks in Gaza. Hamas said the violence put paid to any chance of a prisoner exchange.

Israeli planes fired at a car carrying Islamic Jihad fighters in Gaza, but missed their target and killed three passersby. The dead are said to be a 12 year old boy, his father and his uncle.

Violence also flared in the West Bank, near the town of Jenin, where Israel was again targetting Islamic Jihad.

Soldiers shot dead a senior member of the group, Walid Obeidi, wounding and arresting two other people.

More than 20 Palestinians have died in the last two days, as President Bush has toured the Middle East seeking Arab support for peace talks.

The Palestinian Authority said the killings were a slap in the face for America’s peace efforts.

Israel frequently mounts operations against suspected militants in the West Bank. In Hebron they were met by stone-throwing gangs, and replied with tear gas and rubber bullets.

Palestinian President Abbas denounced the Israeli attacks, and warned that his people would not tolerate such continuing violence.