Kenya opposition rejects President's olive branch

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Kenya opposition rejects President's olive branch

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Kenya’s opposition has brushed aside an offer from the president to form a national unity government.

Mwai Kibaki’s proposal aims to end the crisis that has followed his disputed re-election.

It came after talks with US envoy Jendayi Frazer.

Another attempt at mediation will be made next week by the president of Ghana, who chairs the African Union.

Raila Odinga’s Kenyan opposition though has rejected the new offer.

It maintains last month’s ballot was rigged and is demanding the president step down.

As the row rages on, so does the violence….

In a Nairobi slum, security forces opened fire as tribal tensions flared. At least one person is reported killed.

This was, though, an isolated incident and elsewhere the situation is calmer following ethnic clashes that left hundreds of people dead.

The unrest has dented Kenya’s image as a stable anchor in a volatile region.

It is now thought a quarter of a million people have been displaced by the violence.