Bhutto determination rooted in perceived injustice

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Bhutto determination rooted in perceived injustice

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The Bhutto family’s political dynasty is fuelled by perceived injustice, not just at the treatment of Pakistan’s poor, but also at their own treatment.

Benazir Bhutto’s husband, Asif Ali Zardari, has spent years in jail. He still has many detractors in the country who dub him “Mr Ten Per Cent”, alluding to numerous corruption allegations.

Zardari was accused of murdering his wife’s brother, and even tying a bomb to the leg of a businessman in a blackmail attempt.

Nothing was ever proved, although a court case is still ongoing in the UK.

But the allegations have had a marked effect on the couple’s three children, of whom Bilawal, their son, is the eldest.

They have admitted their father was a stranger to them after eight years in jail, and now they have seen their mother killed.

But in Pakistan the Bhutto name is a heavy burden, and the boy who once said he was not sure he wanted to go into politics has now been placed centre-stage.

However he will be too young to stand for prime minister for another six years.