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Car emission limits set to carry new punch


Car emission limits set to carry new punch

The European Commission is set to adopt proposals on new limits on carbon dioxide emissions from cars. This is part of the EU’s ambitious strategy to combat climate change.

The NGO European Federation for Transport and Environment’s Kirsten Mayer hopes strict compliance will be enforced: “We argue for penalties of 150 euros per gramme of CO2 that is exceeded per car. So the car manufacturers would have to pay, but in fact we hope that the car manufacturers take it seriously and do not pay the fine but rather reduce CO2.”

Brussels has argued that sanctions are needed to make the system credible. The proposals are due this Wednesday.

The Commission decided in January that carmakers would be required to achieve 130 g/km through engine technology, while use of biofuels and other measures to improve vehicle energy efficiency would help achieve the overall 120 g/km goal by 2012.

The other key issue yet to be decided is how the emission limits are spread out. French and Italian producers have cut pollution from their vehicles, but not Germany, which produces heavier cars. Individual carmakers are lobbying the Commission in support of their different interests.