French public transport strike to go into third day

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French public transport strike to go into third day

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A third consecutive day of travel chaos looms in France on Friday with transport workers voting to continue a strike over pension reform. Slightly more trains, buses and metro services were operating on Wednesday compared to the day before when the stoppage began, but there was still serious disruption.

Union leaders and the government are making moves to launch talks. But the grassroots has voted to continue with industrial action, in defence of generous public sector pensions the government wants to cut back. At a news conference, Nicolas Sarkozy’s spokesman repeated the president’s call for dialogue. He reminded reporters of a letter sent to unions by the government, offering negotiations over the next month.

As talks about talks intensify, the problem of getting to work remains, with all sorts of solutions being found – rainging from bicycles to rollerskates. For many, taking the car remains the preferred option, at the risk of getting stuck in traffic jams which have multiplied during the strike.