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Finland school shooting predicted on the web

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Finland school shooting predicted on the web


At least eight people have died in a school shooting in Finland, which may have been predicted on the internet. Other people were wounded, at least one critically, when an 18-year old boy opened fire at Jokela school in Tuusula, 50 kms northeast of Helsinki.

Victims are said to include the school’s headmaster. Police said the suspected gunman turned the gun on himself, and is in hospital. Reports from the school say the gunman prowled the corridors, banging on doors and firing into classrooms. The popularity of hunting means Finland has the third-highest gun ownership per capita in the world, but violent incidents are almost unknown in schools.

Hours before the shooting, a video predicting the attack was posted on the internet. A picture of the school was followed by someone aiming a gun at the camera. The video was entitled: Jokela High School Massacre, seventh of November 2007.

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