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Italy brings in drastic measures to deal with Romanian crime wave

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Italy brings in drastic measures to deal with Romanian crime wave


The death of a 47-year-old Italian woman has brought Italian-Romanian relations into question. The victim was allegedly attacked and thrown off a bridge near a Rome suburb train station. It’s thought she may also have been raped.

Police believe she was set upon by a Romanian man living rough in this caravan camp and they’ve given the rest of its occupants 48-hours to move on. This resident says the suspect should be punished if he’s guilty but why do we have to leave our homes?”

Amid police claims that Romanians are increasingly involved in serious crime, the government’s approving measures aimed at making cities safer. But its reaction has caused widespread dismay in Romania.

Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu says there’s now a risk Romanians will meet lots of prejudice, even if 99 percent of Romanians living in Italy mind their own business, are hard-working and are appreciated.”

Italy’s Prime Minister called an emergency cabinet meeting last night to discuss the issue. Afterwards Romano Prodi said he agreed that the vast majority of Romainians in Italy are hard-working and sensible, but it’s up to them to identify their compatriots who are casting them all as criminals and come down on them hard.

The Italian government now wants to enforce new legislation enabling the expulsion of any EU citizen who commit minor crimes.

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