Diplomatic moves over Darfur charity workers

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Diplomatic moves over Darfur charity workers

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Spain and France have sent diplomats to the African nation of Chad where 16 of their nationals are still under arrest accused of child trafficking. Six French charity workers, three French journalists and a Spanish plane crew were caught on Thursday trying to fly 103 young children out of the country to France.

They’ve personally told the President of Chad that they were trying to save the lives of Darfur orphans.

But the government claims not all the children were from Darfur, or orphans.

President Idriss Deby has accused the group of trying to sell the children, or even planning to kill them for their organs.

Something the charity, Zoe’s Arc, vehemently denies.

The French government has discovered the charity intended to fly the children from Abeché airport in Chad to France and then claim political asylum for them as unaccompanied minors.

French families had funded the flight and were waiting for the children at the regional airport.

Unicef says most of the children are actually from Chad.