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Speculation mounts over French president's marriage


Speculation mounts over French president's marriage

There is growing speculation in France that the presidential couple may be about to divorce. Some publications have gone as far as saying that the Sarkozys have launched court proceedings, piling pressure on the Elysée Palace to break its silence. Carole Barjon is a journalist with the Nouvel Observateur: “Its true that the news came from a source close to Madame Sarkozy. That would suggest that she’s the one who wants the information made public.”

Madame Sarkozy was once one of her husband’s closest confidantes, appearing at his side at the Bastille Day Parade in Paris in July. But lately she has been seen less and less – failing even to appear for a meeting with the group of Bulgarian medics whose liberation from Libya she helped to procure.

There has been no official confirmation of a split. The reaction from the government was a resounding “no comment”.

But not everyone is so circumspect. Pierre Moscovici is a socialist party deputy: “It seems that the president is going through emotionally testing times which are also politically testing, as he has climbed the career ladder with the help of his wife – or ex-wife..”

The French Constitution stipulates that no criminal or civil proceedings can be brought against a serving president, meaning Cecilia Sarkozy cannot file for divorce without her husband’s consent.