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Kosovo and Belgrade hold fresh talks in Brussels

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Kosovo and Belgrade hold fresh talks in Brussels


Fresh attempts to bridge the gaps between Belgrade and Kosovo over the breakaway province’s future status have been taking place in Brussels. Direct talks between the two sides came with warnings that their positions remain far apart. Ahead of a December 10 deadline for an accord, Kosovo maintains it will accept nothing less than full independence, something Serbia says is not possible.

The European Union’s mediator on Kosovo, Wolfgang Ischinger, said there are points up for debate: “I am not capable of making predictions about whether these proposals – as they will be explained today – will actually contain elements of improvement for creating more opportunity for rapprochment or compromise. Let’s wait and see.”

Ischinger has also called on European states to relax visa rules for Serbian travellers, arguing this could help end the stalemate. Brussels has already announced an agreement with Serbia to make it easier for students, business people and journalists to travel to the EU. However, Belgrade wants all visas to the bloc scrapped.

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