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EU warns Turkey against Iraq incursion

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EU warns Turkey against Iraq incursion


The European Union’s foreign policy chief has warned Turkey against a possible military incursion into northern Iraq to fight Kurdish rebels.

Javier Solana spoke out after meeting the Armenian president.

“Any possibility of complicating even more the security situation in Iraq is something that should not be welcomed, and therefore that is the message that we passed to our Turkish friends,” he said.

Armenian President Robert Kocharyan, not surprisingly, hailed events on the other side of the Atlantic.

Reacting to a US congressional committee’s approval of a resolution calling the 1915 mass killings of Armenians genocide, he said:

“The fact that Turkey has adopted a position of denial of the genocide does not mean it can bind other states to deny the historic truth as well.”

On his visit to Brussels, however, Kocharyan also repeated calls for a dialogue with EU hopeful Turkey over the closure of its border with Armenia, without any preconditions.

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