US security firms under scrutiny after Iraq shooting

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US security firms under scrutiny after Iraq shooting

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The role of private security guards in Iraq is again coming under the spotlight after two women were shot dead in Baghdad.

US and Iraqi officials are investigating claims that employees of a US security firm were involved.

It came on the same day the Iraqi government demanded a similar American company, Blackwater, compensate the families of 17 people shot last month.

The victims of the latest incident were Armenian Christians.

Initial reports suggest the guards opened fire after the womens’ car failed to heed warnings to stop and approached their convoy.

The Iraqi government has come under increasing pressure at home to act against the private firms.

Foreign security firms have immunity from Iraqi legislation drafted in 2004 while Iraq was under US administration.

The US Senate has launched its own investigation into Blackwater after last month’s shooting. The firm is said to have been involved in almost 200 shootings since 2005.