Ankara talks tough after deadly rebel attacks

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Ankara talks tough after deadly rebel attacks

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As Turkey buried another soldier killed in clashes with Kurdish rebels, there were warnings of tough action from Ankara.

The Turkish Prime Minister gave the go-ahead for what he calls all necessary measures to be taken against the rebels, including a possible incursion into northern Iraq, where many are based.

The majority of ethnic Kurds live in an area that takes in parts of countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran.

Turkey said militants from the Kurdistan Workers Party, the PKK, killed 15 of its soldiers since the weekend and last month 12 civilians died when a minibus was ambushed.

People in a Kurdish village in northern Iraq said they were bombarded by Turkey on Monday night; Ankara said positions inside Turkey were targeted.

The governor of the region, Nozad Hadni, had this warning:

“If Turkish troops are considering entering these areas, then they would be making the wrong decision. This would lead to heavy casualties and material losses on both sides.”

Experts said some 3,000 Kurdish rebel fighters were based in northern Iraq.