UN envoy leaves Myanmar giving nothing away

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UN envoy leaves Myanmar giving nothing away

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The first pictures of UN envoy Ibrahim Gambari’s mission to Myanmar have been shown on state television. The Nigerian diplomat has now left the country after talks with Myanmar’s top military leader Than Shwe.

Gambari won’t be saying anything until he has reported back to the UN.

But he did meet leading dissident Aung San Suu Kyi again, in a government residence in Yangon, suggesting he sees his role as one of shuttle diplomacy between the democracy camp and the military junta in their new capital Naypyidaw.

The UN Human Rights Council, headed by High Commissioner Louise Arbour, has met in Geneva to condemn the brutal crackdown which killed at least 13 people, according to the Myanmar government.

“The government must give a full account of its actions during and after the protests, including precise and verifiable information on the number of people killed and injured, as well as the whereabouts and conditions of those who have been arrested,” Arbour said.

There are reports that at least 1000 people are being detained, including women and small children.

On the border with Thailand, people continue to cross from Myanmar seeking medical treatment in the free health clinics which the Thai government provides.

But medical staff say far fewer people have made the trip in recent days with many border crossings closed.