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Divisions over Darfur force surface at UN


Divisions over Darfur force surface at UN

Divisions over the make-up of a peacekeeping force for Darfur have emerged at a UN meeting to accelerate the deployment of troops there. Sudan and the African Union turned down troop offers from several non-African countries.

Separately, UN chief Ban Ki Moon has been piling pressure on Sudan’s warring factions ahead of talks in Tripoli. “The forthcoming political negotiation in Libya on Oct. 27 must be a conclusive one; the final fase for a final settlement. All the leaders of the movements and concerned parties must participate”

Ahead of the discussion diplomats were joined by Holywood stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for a screening of the film “Darfur Now”. The documentary shows the hardship suffered by people caught up in the conflict.