Pro- and anti-war protestors demonstrate in Washington

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Pro- and anti-war protestors demonstrate in Washington

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Thousands of protestors have marched from the White House to the Capitol in Washington to demonstrate against the war in Iraq. Among the crowd were war veterans and relatives of servicemen killed in Iraq.

It comes just days after Americans were told that security conditions in Iraq were improving, and after president Bush said he intended to bring back some 21,000 soldiers out of 168,000 by the middle of next year.

Anti-war campaigner Cindy Sheehan lost her son in Iraq:

“I am hoping it inspires people to shut their campuses down, their federal buildings in this town,” she said. “To see so many people who are willing to risk arrest for this.”

According to the latest opinion polls, well over half the US population believes the war in Iraq was a mistake.

At the nearby Washington monument, a group of Bush supporters gathered in a counter-demonstration:

“I think they ought to find a country they can support and move there. And we’d be a lot better off,” said one elderly woman.

People arrested dozens of people who jumped over security barricades.