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EU says Morocco vote was a "transparent success"


EU says Morocco vote was a "transparent success"

As Morocco contemplates the result of its parliamentary elections, the European Union has hailed them as a success for democracy. The EU said it was also very pleased to see more women in parliament.

But Morocco’s moderate Islamist PJD party vehemently disputes the result, alleging vote buying by the winners.

“We came in second to corruption. Corruption came first and then the PJD,” said the number two in the party, Lahcen Daoudi.

The nationalist Istiqlal party was certainly the surprise winner.

The PJD had predicted it could win up to 80 seats. It finally had to settle for 47 as opposed to Istiqlal’s 52.

Istiqlal said it would honour its pre-election promises and maintain the current ruling coalition even though its main partner lost seats, making it clear there would be no place in power for the second biggest party in parliament.

But despite the jubilation in the Istiqlal camp, there was no getting away from the fact that only just over a third of people actually voted.