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Made-in-Europe eco-base Antarctic-bound

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Made-in-Europe eco-base Antarctic-bound


European consciousness is setting out for fresh conquests with the unveiling in Brussels of a new eco-friendly Antarctic research base. It is aimed at generating greater public interest in the problems posed by global warming. The “Princess Elisabeth” base is currently housed in a huge hangar but will soon be bound for the frozen south to highlight the effects of climate change.

Belgian Alain Hubert is supervising the project. He says: “It’s to show made-in-Europe technology can answer to climatic challenges and reduce CO2 emissions.” The wood and steel structure will be open to the public till this Sunday, and then ship out to Antarctica.

Solar and wind-powered, its water recycled and solid waste taken away every two years, the base is designed to be near-emission-free. By demonstrating this can be done in such harsh conditions, the scientific researchers hope to get the idea across the same thing can be done anywhere.

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