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IFA electronics fair wows Berliners


IFA electronics fair wows Berliners

One of the fastest growing sectors in Europe is in electronic goods. In Berlin the world’s largest consumer electronics fair the IFA is being held. With more than 1200 exhibitors covering a space as big as 26 football pitches – it is a big market! “At IFA we are displaying more than 10,000 completely new products. Obviously not every single product is a revolutionary new product. More often we are talking about evolutionary products. But HD television is, from my point of view, truly a revolution, comparable only to the change from black and white to colour TV.”- IFA organiser.

But while manufacturers are willing to provide us with everything from high definition to internet and mobile TV, relatively few of us are equally willing to buy the high definition set before much HD content exists to watch. And a still unresolved battle for supremacy between rival high-definition Blue-ray and HD-DVD disc formats means we appear reluctant to part with our money. With competition so fierce the consumer can only win – but how will the environment cope with all the discarded old style TVs.