Suspects released in case of murdered journalist

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Suspects released in case of murdered journalist

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Murdered Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya would have been been 49 tomorrow. As relatives and friends commemorate her memory, the case is taking a new turn.

There are reports that two suspects in the case have been released. Russia’s prosecutor general has come under fire for announcing that the case had been solved.

Critics say he wants to win a battle within his office. Politkovskaya’s son fears that political grandstanding could harm chances of justice.

He said the investigators had done professional work, but the grandiose announcements by the prosecutor general and the Federal Security Service were being made for political reasons.

The editor of the newspaper Novaya Gazeta said many unfounded accusations were being made.

There was political pressure not only from the authorities, but also from the opposition, he said.
Many people from the opposition and from abroad were making claims without any proof and were even accusing President Vladimir Putin of ordering Politkovskaya’s assassination.

Politkovskaya, who wrote scathing reports on the Kremlin’s operations in Chechnya, was shot in October last year.