Polish political crisis deepens as ex-minister is arrested

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Polish political crisis deepens as ex-minister is arrested

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Poland recently sacked interior minister has been detained over his alleged involvement in a corruption scandal.

Prosecutors claim Janusz Kaczmarek and a former police chief have been hampering an investigation concerning a leak.

Opposition politicians say it is simply an attempt by the Prime Minister to silence his critics ahead of an expected snap election next month.

But Jaroslaw Kaczynski insists such claims could not be further from the truth:

“The detention of these suspects means that Poland is returning to normal. Money and power can’t protect anyone. This is a new Poland and I’m happy to be part of it, he said.

But former Solidarity leader and ex-President, Lech Walesa, believes the government’s anti-corruption drive has turned into a witch-hunt after Kaczmarek accused Kaczynski of using the secret services to spy on rival politicians.

He says the new government is determine to anything to hold on to power.

Opinion polls show that despite a booming economy and falling unemployment, Kazcynski’s Law and Justice party faces an uphill battle to remain in power.