Tight security for Italian 'mafia' victims

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Tight security for Italian 'mafia' victims

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Hundreds of people gathered in a church in southern Italy to pay tribute to two local men killed by suspected mafia gunmen in Germany. The funerals of Francesco and Marco Pergola, who were aged 22 and 20, were the first to take place of the six victims of the attack.

It is thought the killings were part of an internal feud in the Calabrian mafia.

The ceremonies took place amid tight security over fears of further violence.

Highlighting their concerns, police banned a funeral procession from the church, asking for the coffins to be taken directly to the cemetary.

They also ordered media to stay out of the church so as not to provoke some already hostile mourners.

The mayor said the entire village was in shock.

“The whole community is appalled,” he said. “I’ve not seen anything like this in recent years.”

As the Pergola brothers were buried, the bodies of three other victims were being held at an airport in Rome ahead of their transfer to the region.

The sixth victim, born in Germany, is to buried there.