Georgia hastens NATO radar move as Russia rift continues

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Georgia hastens NATO radar move as Russia rift continues

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Relations between Georgia and Russia are becoming ever-more strained as more accusations fly and Georgia speeds up its entry into NATO. The ex-Soviet state looks set to integrate its radar into the NATO system by the end of the year, earlier than planned.

At the commands of Georgian radar, NATO would have quicker information about Russian flying habits.

Neighbourly tensions are mounting between the two countries, especially with Abkhazian and South Ossetian separatists tucked in between them.

Tblisi has accused Moscow of encroaching on its airspace.

The deputy defence minister said that on Tuesday a plane flying from Russia entered five kilometers inside Georgia’s borders.

That came two weeks after another allegation – that a Russian plane had fired a missile onto Georgian land.

Two independent groups of western experts agree that Georgian airspace was violated on the day the missile struck.

Moscow denies both counts, even dismissing the claims as “nonsense”.