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Danish hostages released by Somali pirates


Danish hostages released by Somali pirates

Five Danish merchant seamen who had been held by Somali pirates are heading back home after 83 days in captivity.

The MV Danica White had been en route to Kenya from Dubai carrying building materials when it was boarded by the pirates off the Somali coast demanding a million euro ransom.

Lars Thuesen, from the Danish foreign ministry said: “We have talked to the crew and they are feeling OK at this point. But it’s been a terrible experience for all of them.”

But the Danish maritime union has accused the government of not doing enough to secure the men’s quick release.

The union secretary, Morten Bach said: “It’s completely unacceptable. When you see how other countries’ governments negotiate to get their citizens home, we’ve seen the Danish Foreign Ministry completely refusing to do so, just waiting for the situation to resolve itself.”

Danish TV reported that a ransom was handed over by a private security company.

The ship and the crew are now bound for Djibouti, escorted by the French navy, before flying home to Copenhagen from one of the most dangerous waterways in the world.