Mafia-linked killing of six Italians in Germany

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Mafia-linked killing of six Italians in Germany

Mafia-linked killing of six Italians in Germany
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Reprisals are feared after six Italian men were shot dead in Germany in a massacre being linked to a mafia feud. The execution-style killing has stunned the western city of Duisburg. And it has raised concern that a violent riposte could follow, in line with the tradition of vendetta.

The brazen attack in a foreign country is unprecedented.^Found in two vehicles near a railway station, all the victims had been shot in the head. Aged from 16 to 38, they apparently belonged to one of two rival clans based in Italy’s southern Calabria region.

In Duisburg, Police Murder Commission head Heinz Sprenger said a female eyewitness saw two people at the scene.

He told reporters:
“These two men, for whom we have no exact description, entered the area where the shooting took place and then moved away in the direction of the Ludgeriplatz, some 250 metres away as the crow flies.”

The shootings took place near an Italian pizza restaurant called “Da Bruno.” Police say all the victims either worked there or had some connection with it.

“I think it is terrible,” said one passer-by in Duisburg.
“Violence is getting worse. You don’t dare go outside.”

“You think of ‘The Godfather’, the mafia and the like,” a man added.
“We will see how fast police come up with the suspects.”

Italians are Germany’s second biggest immigrant group with some 3,500 living in Duisburg.