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Climate camp grows on Heathrow perimeter


Climate camp grows on Heathrow perimeter

A so-called “climate camp” set up outside the world’s busiest airport is getting bigger, with organisers promising numbers will rise to 2,000 by the weekend. Protesters want to block British government plans to expand London Heathrow by adding a new runway. They strongly deny claims they are a threat to public safety.

Camper Gary Glass explained:“We are not going to endanger the public. We are not going to challenge them. But we are trying to highlight the seriousness of this issue.

“We are here to protect life in its entirety, human and the rest of the life on this planet. We are not here to cause a risk to the public and, as such, we are going to be coming together, taking peaceful action together to disrupt the airport industry.”

The campers say the planned expansion will lead to more flights and therefore more pollution.

Heathrow’s owners say airlines are already working on reducing carbon emissions and that any direct action by protesters could disrupt holiday traffic.