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Anger over wildfires in southern Italy


Anger over wildfires in southern Italy

Wildfires have killed at least two people and forced the evacuation of thousands of holidaymakers in southern Italy. People in the town of Peskichi in the Puglia region had to run to the beach to escape the flames. Two elderly people have been found burned to death in a vehicle and some unconfirmed reports say that two other people were asphyxiated on a beach.

Some residents voiced anger about the lack of help.

One woman said: “It’s a miracle we’re alive, thanks to this man, not the rescue services. We waited three hours in the sea, which luckily was calm. I had to hold my child (in my arms) in the water.”

A man who fled the flames said: “I’ve never seen anything like it. No one to help us. We’re in a European country. I’ve never seen something like this, waiting for four hours.”

The emergency services say they did their best, using patrol boats and helicopters to move holidaymakers and residents to safety.