Afghan Taliban fix new ultimatum for Koreans

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Afghan Taliban fix new ultimatum for Koreans

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These are anxious times for South Korea with 23 of its nationals in the hands of the Taliban. Talks to win their freedom have left Afghan authorities optimistic. But unless progress is made, a spokesman for the militants says some of the captives will probably by killed, today.

Earlier, South Korean media said eight female hostages could be released.

“Females are physically weaker,” said one woman, interviewed on the streets of Seoul.

“Even though the conditions for both men and women may be unstable, I think it is a gesture out of consideration for the females.”

“Emotionally and physically, males would be stronger to handle the harsh situation,” added a man.

“So I think it is better to save the female hostages first.”

The young Christians were seized on the road between Kandahar and Kabul. Their captors want the release of Taliban prisoners and for Seoul to pull its forces out of Afghanistan.

One of two German engineers kidnapped the day before has died, apparently killed by the Taliban. Last night a German journalist was abducted in eastern Afghanistan but later released.