Clear-up after toxic train crash in Ukraine

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Clear-up after toxic train crash in Ukraine

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Emergency services in Ukraine are battling to contain the effects of a train crash that unleashed a toxic cloud over a wide area. No one was killed in the derailment and subsequent fire but more than a dozen people were taken to hospital suffering from poisoning.

The freight train, travelling from Kazakhstan to Poland with a cargo of yellow phosphorous, came off the tracks in western Ukraine.

Residents were advised to stay inside, avoid water from wells and not eat vegetables from their gardens.

But many were left confused:

“We’ve heard you can only drink water mixed with soda,” said one elderly woman.

“We don’t know what we can or can’t eat. We’ve only heard you we can’t eat anything grown in the garden,” said another resident.

Authorities say the situation is now under control and there is no further risk to the local population.

But the situation is being monitored in neighbouring countries.