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Brazil counts its dead after Sao Paolo air disaster

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Brazil counts its dead after Sao Paolo air disaster


Rescue services in Brazil are saying it would be a miracle if any survivors are found from this morning’s air crash at San Paolo airport. It’s feared as many as 250 people may have died, 176 of them crew and passengers aboard the Tam Airways A320 airbus. It skidded off a rain-soaked runway, ploughed across a road and hit an airline warehouse and petrol station before exploding.

So far only about two dozen bodies have been recovered. Many more may be too badly burned to identify.

The internal flight had taken off from Porto Alegre in the south of the country and was trying to land in Sao Paolo in heavy rain.

Pilots have often complained about the length of the runways, and inadequate drainage making it difficult to brake.

The tarmac had just been relaid to try to combat the problem but opposition politicians had said it was “an accident waiting to happen”.

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