Tourists evacuated as forest fires threaten

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Tourists evacuated as forest fires threaten

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Two tourist hotels in the Turkish resort of Bodrum have had to be evacuated in the face of a spreading forest fire.

Firemen now believe they have the blaze under control but their job is being complicated by strong winds, and two more fires have broken out along the coast.

Local people have responded to the call to help firefighters battle the flames.

But hundreds of hectares of forest have been destroyed and 20 people have been taken to hospital with smoke inhalation.

The other Turkish resorts now under threat are Izmir and Manavgat.

Outside Bodrum, three farms have been burned down.

It’s thought the fires may be the work of arsonists, although brush blazes are common in Turkey in the summer months.

Helicopters and planes are water-bombing the area to try to combat the fires.