Boeing Dreamliner set to fly

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Boeing Dreamliner set to fly

Boeing Dreamliner set to fly
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US aircraft manufacturer Boeing is set to unveil its new 787 Dreamliner, a passenger jet that uses high tech materals for the first time.

50 per cent of the Dreamliner is built from carbon fibre. Aluminium, traditionally used by aircraft manufacturers, constitutes only 20% of the structure.

The 787 will have a range of nearly 16,000 kilometres, able to reach Manila from New York, or Sao Paolo from Moscow in one hop.

Its maximum capacity will be around 300 passengers.

The Dreamliner will be introduced to an army of staff, media and industry representatives on Sunday afternoon local time at Everett, Boeing’s
huge plant 40 kilometres north of Seattle.

Boeing hopes to steal a march on Airbus’s A380 which has a similar range, but will seat up to 800.

The Airbus A350 which has similar specifications to the Dreamliner will not be introduced until 2013.

Boeing’s order book already shows more than 600 orders from 47 airlines.

The 787 is due to go into service next year flying for Japan’s All Nippon Airways.