Questions raised on whether EU treaty is secure

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Questions raised on whether EU treaty is secure

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Doubt has been cast on the recent agreement on a new EU treaty after a Polish official said that Poland may want to re-open negotiations.

At the EU Summit held in Brussels earlier in June, Poland had stood its ground against the introduction of the so-called double majority voting system.

But a compromise was reached and an agreement made.

Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski told a news conference that it was not a question of renegotiating the deal, but of putting on paper what had already been agreed on voting rights.

He said the Inter-governmental conference due to start next month would “fine-tune the deal”.

Prime Minister Jose Socrates of Portugal, which is due to take over the rotating EU Presidency, says it is all a misunderstanding.

“I was present at the summit and I know what was agreed. The mandate is very clear and precise on what has to be done. I am sure this is all a misunderstanding.”

The suggestion by Poland that it may want to re-consider the deal âgreed in Brussels has bemused many EU leaders who were looking forward to detailed treaty negotiations on July 23.