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Mexican police removed from jobs, in drug fight


Mexican police removed from jobs, in drug fight

Mexico is purging its own police force, as part of the battle against drugs. More than 280 senior officers have been temporarily removed from their jobs. Subjected to a series of tests, they will have to prove they can’t be corrupted, as the country wages war against drug traffickers.
“We are well aware that the Mexican people are demanding that police are honest, clean and trustworthy,” said public safety secretary Genaro Garcia Luna.

“It is obvious that there are mafias that don’t want the situation to change so they can continue to enrich themselves under the protection of corruption and crime.”

The trustworthiness tests on a police force often accused of corruption are the latest stage in Mexico’s crackdown on drugs. The country’s drug gangs are blamed for the deaths of over 1,000 people this year.