Experts battle to save endangered dam in England

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Experts battle to save endangered dam in England

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Engineers are desperately working to prevent the collapse of dam that has been damaged in severe flooding in northern England. It is just one of a spate of emergencies rescuers are trying to cope with after much of the region was inundated.

The waters have been receding in some places allowing homeowners to inspect the damage: “We bore the full brunt of it because our house is closest to the river, so it just…. the river literally came through our house,” said one woman inspecting her house.

The city of Sheffield was the worst affected large urban area. Two of the three fatalities to have occurred in the disaster happened there. Hundreds of people have been evacuated from their homes. Others have been rescued from roof tops and cars. For authorities in nearby Rotherham the priority is shoring up the endangered dam. Engineers have been trying to drain off the excess water ahead of expected new downpours.