Spanish minister visits Lebanese fatal blast-scene

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Spanish minister visits Lebanese fatal blast-scene

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Spain’s Defence minister has flown to Lebanon, after six Spanish members of the United Nations force there were killed in a bomb attack.

Jose Antonio Alonso went to collect the bodies of the troops who died in the first fatal attack on the UNIFIL force since last year’s war between Israel and Hizbollah in southern Lebanon.

The minister saw the devastation for himself from a helicopter which circled the site of the attack three times.

Lebanese troops sealed off the area as UN investigators combed the scene for clues.

The patrol had been travelling on a road between Khiyam and Marjayoun in the south of Lebanon, where the Spanish battalion is based.

There were conflicting reports about what caused the scenes of carnage, which greeted rescuers.

Some say it was a massive remote control roadside device.

Others say it was a suicide car-bomber.

The UN commander called it an attack on stability in the region.