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EU in new push to free medics in Libya

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EU in new push to free medics in Libya


European diplomats have flown into Tripoli to further efforts to secure the release of the Bulgarian nurses found guilty of infecting children with HIV. A Palestinian doctor has been condemned to death along with them.

EU Commissioner for External Relations, Benita Ferrero-Waldner said:

“We have come here to again acknowledge the suffering of the children of Benghazi particularly having a special understanding and sympathy for the families. I have also come here as a part of our efforts to do everything in order to solve
the case of the Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian medic.”

The Commissioner said she saw “a window of opportunity” for a solution” in talks with Libyan officials.

The medics say they are innocent and were tortured to make them confess. Some Western scientists say negligence and poor hospital hygiene are the real cause of the children’s condition.

Libya has suggested it could free the nurses if compensation of 10 million euros is paid
to the family of each child.

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