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Exiled Russian tycoon denies Lugovoi accusations


Exiled Russian tycoon denies Lugovoi accusations

Self-exiled Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky has rejected allegations he was involved in Alexander Litvinenko’s death as well as claims he worked for British intelligence. The businessman has denounced a statement from Andrei Lugovoi, the man Britain has accused of murdering the former Russian agent. He said it was obvious Lugovoi was acting “on Kremlin instruction.”

Berezovsky, who has been granted asylum in Britain, is openly opposed to Vladimir Putin. He has said he wants to fund a revolution to change the Russian government. The UK is also home to Alexander Litvinenko’s widow, Marina. She, too, has denounced Lugovoi’s accusations as a provocation. Whoever killed the ex-agent, the case continues to strain relations between London and Moscow.