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Activists clash with police in Potsdam

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Activists clash with police in Potsdam


Anti-globalisation protesters have clashed with German police in Potsdam where the G8 foreign ministers were holding pre-summit talks. Scuffles broke out during a march when activists tried to break police lines. Security in the run-up to next week’s meeting of the leaders from the world’s richest nations is predictably tight.

Restrictions on the right to demonstrate are being imposed by the German authorities in a bid to reduce the seemingly inevitable violence which has recently accompanied the annual top-level talks. Protest organisers are determined to make their voices heard and a series of peaceful demonstrations have taken place in several cities close to Heiligendamm where the actual G8 summit is due to be held.

This get together of the foreign ministers was supposed to reach a consensus on various issues ranging from Kosovo to Iran but the meeting fell short of expectations.

The main topic which dominated was the state of relations between Russia and the West. In particular, US plans to establish its anti-missile shield in eastern Europe have annoyed Russia, while Moscow’s recent test-firing of a new long- range weapon has provoked both sides to warn of a new arms race.

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