Portugese police conduct searches over Maddie abduction

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Portugese police conduct searches over Maddie abduction

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Police in Portugal are continuing to search the home of a man deemed to be a suspect in the abduction of a four year-old British girl.

Forensics officers have removed material from the villa including mobile phones and computers.

The suspect has been named as Robert Murat, a Briton resident in the Algarve.

He was interviewed by police for 19 hours yesterday. He has been released but must report back to police regularly. Officers are also talking to a German woman and a Portugese man.

Murat told journalists he has a daughter the same age as little Madeleine McCann.

His home was just a hundred metres from where Madeleine was staying with her parents and twin brother and sister.

A journalist reported her suspicions about Murat to police. But it appears he was already under electronic surveillance.

Back in the British town of Rothley, in Leicestershire, where the McCann’s live, the wait for news on the whereabouts of little Madeleine is seemingly endless for her friends and relations.