More violence in Iraq as 55 die in bombings

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More violence in Iraq as 55 die in bombings

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Another day of violence in Iraq saw bombings across the country. Explosions killed at least 55 people.

A suicide truck bombing, targeting the Kurdistan Democratic Party’s offices, left at least 45 people dead.

Political tensions have been rising in the Kurdish region over legislation which would redistribute oil wealth among the country’s Kurdish, Shia and Sunni population.

The attack in Makhmur is the second against Kurdish areas in less than a week.

Elsewhere, a car bomb exploded near a market in the Shia district of Sadriya, wounding 45 people.

Another car bombing in the area last month killed 140, the bloodiest attack since the US stepped up its security operation in the capital.

Meanwhile, a group associated with al-Qaeda, called “Islamic State in Iraq” posted a statement on its website claiming responsibilty for an attack on US forces which killed five and left three US soldiers missing. The group says it is holding the men.

More than 4000 US troops are looking for them.