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Israeli Premier under pressure over Hezbollah war


Israeli Premier under pressure over Hezbollah war

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is under fire – as an inquiry panel publishes a report today on the start of last year’s war with Hezbollah guerillas. Information of leaked interim findings on the first five days of the war in Lebanon – stated the document will criticise Olmert for “misguided and rash judgement” in launching the campaign.

Despite the harsh wording from the government- appointed Winograd commission, it has not called for Olmert to resign. But the report is worrying for the cabinet members, who fear the government could be destabilised with the Israeli press already pointing the finger firmly at the Prime Minister.

Political analyst Ayala Hasson said: “The committee is trying to find out if the decision that was taken in those days realised that they are talking about a war and not about something else.”

The air, sea and land offensive came as Hezbollah fired 4000 rockets into Israel during the war in July 2006. Since the conflict, Olmert’s approval rating has plummeted. This report could also diminish his ability to pursue peacemaking with the Palestinians.