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Turkish election facing up to legal battle

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Turkish election facing up to legal battle


Turkey’s political process faces a severe legal challenge, after an inconclusive first round of voting in the country’s parliamentary elections. Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul – the ruling AK Party’s candidate – failed to win sufficient votes after opposition parties boycotted the session.

AKs main rivals, CHP are calling for the Constitutional Court to annul the vote, as less than two-thirds of the deputies were in the chamber at the time. If the appeal is upheld, Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, will have to call a snap general election. The vote has exposed deep divisions between Turkey’s Islamist-rooted government and its secular elite.

A second rally is planned in Istanbul for Sunday in defence of secularism and against Erdogan running for President. It’s feared legal battles over the election could damage Turkey’s entry into the European Union.

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